Lex's BLUE Series- The Throat Chakra

Communication is key and our Throat Chakra is for speaking our truths! This fifth chakra is located at the pit of our throats, and is the first chakra that passes through to our higher selves since it follows the ~heart chakra~. Communication is not just the verbal words we speak, but the inner communication and body language that supports this energy. Blue correlates to our throat chakra because BLUE is the color of calm, cool, and collected. Blue is known to be a loyal color and truthful. All of these components are key for open and honest communication.

The Sanskrit for the Throat Chakra is Vishuddhi and is known as the fifth chakra. 

Vishuddhi ~heart chakra~ meaning  "filter" 


Is your Throat Chakra underactive, overactive or balanced? 

Let's get into it!


Some signs of an underactive throat chakra are ...

-lack of expression, lack of articulation, negative self talk and dishonest to yourself internally, silent when you want to speak, tension in your neck and sore throat


Some signs of overactive throat chakra are...

-talking over others, compulsive lying, dominant in conversations, inability to listen, know it all


Some signs of a balanced throat chakra are...

-healthy communication, actively listen, conversational, speaking positively to yourself and others, competence in leadership


WAYS to center your ~throat chakra~ energy 

-meditate with throat chakra sounds

-drink more water, this helps cleanse your throat

-write down your truths and then speak them 

-take a bath, light a BLUE SERIES candle

-eat blue foods (drink water) 

-wear blue clothing pieces 

-positive self love affirmations


Here are some ~throat chakra~ affirmation I speak...

I am calm, cool, and collected

I speak my truth and walk in it freely

I remain true to myself in every situation

When I share my words, I share my light and lead

I am honest and open 

I am an active listener 


After reading this blog, do you feel that your ~throat chakra~ is underactive, overactive, or balanced? 

Add to the vibezzzz, and share some of your affirmations, blue outfits, foods or literally ANYTHING that keeps your throat chakra balanced!

I look forward to this open communication of expression, and love between us 


From Lex with Love

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