Lex's GOLD Series- The Solar Plexus Chakra

YOU ARE POWERFUL! The Solar Plexus Chakra is the energy that aligns with our personal power. This is the third chakra and is located just above the belly button as it rests between the sacral and heart chakras. The Solar plexus is apart of the lower three chakras that are tethered to the physical dimensions of our bodies.  

Although the ~solar plexus~ chakra is viewed as yellow, I believe gold is a variant of this primary color.

Yellow is the color of light and balance, this is why the ~solar plexus~ is about shedding light on our true selves and being in balance and one with our personal power. 

The Sanskrit for the Solar Plexus Chakra is ~Manipura~ and is known as the third chakra. 

~Manipura~ mani- (gem) pura - (city), together this represents the ~solar plexus chakra~ meaning of "the maintenance center"  

Is your Solar Plexus Chakra underactive, overactive or balanced? 

Let's get into it!


Some signs of an underactive solar plexus chakra are ...

-self doubt, overthinking, indecisiveness, low self esteem, anxious, procrastinate, powerless, fearful  


Some signs of overactive solar plexus chakra are...

-egotistical, self centered, prideful, arrogant, rude, aggressive


Some signs of a balanced solar plexus chakra are...

-confident in your personal power, know yourself, confident, powerfully purposed 


WAYS to center your ~solar plexus chakra~ energy 

-meditate with sanskrit solar plexus chakra sounds

-risk take, this builds our confidence

-power in routine; teaches us to trust ourselves 

-grounding yourself 

-SOLAR PLEXUS correlates to fire, take a bath, light a GOLD SERIES candle

-eat yellow foods 

-wear yellow clothing pieces 

-yogaaaaaa (: 

-positive self love affirmations


Here are some ~solar plexus chakra~ affirmation I speak...

I am powerful 

I am an alchemist

I am living intentionally in my purpose

I honor my higher self by moving intentionally in the present

I am productive


I am open to the fullness of MY power 


After reading this blog, do you feel that your ~solar plexus chakra~ is underactive, overactive, or balanced? 

Add to the vibezzzz, and share some of your affirmations, yellow/gold outfits, foods or literally ANYTHING that keeps your solar plexus chakra balanced!

I look forward to this open communication of expression, and love between us

From Lex with Love 



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