Lex's GREEN Series- The Heart Chakra

Eeeee the fourth chakra, and the gateway to our higher selves is the ~Heart Chakra~.  GREEN is associated with The Heart Chakra, and is located (yep you guessed it) where our heart is located at the center of our spine! This chakra is the center of all 7 chakras and connects our inner self to our higher spiritual selves. This chakra represents unconditional love, compassion, kindness, emotional power, gratitude, the literal life that lies within us, and can be expressed through a multitude of healthy outlets. 

The Sanskrit for the Heart Chakra is Anahata, and means for one to be "unstruck, boundless"  

HOW does the color ~green~ correlate to the ~Heart Chakra~?

In Sanskrit, The ~heart chakra~ is tethered to green; because green is the color of compassion, renewal, growth, nature, and this universal energy appears to center our spine as green.

Is your Heart Chakra underactive, overactive or balanced? 

Let's get into it!

Some signs of an underactive ~heart chakra~ are ...

-lack of vulnerability, trust issues, manic behavior, jealousy, lack of genuine connections, desensitized, anxiety

Some signs of overactive ~heart chakra~ are...

-self doubt, indecisive, not speaking your truths, putting your needs second by putting others first, procrastination

Some signs of a balanced ~heart chakra~ are...

-harmonious exchanges in connections, feeling deserving of the love you receive, constant state of gratitude, abundance mindset, discernment, peaceful state


WAYS to center your ~heart chakra~ energy 

-meditate with heart chakra sounds

-take a bath, light a GREEN SERIES candle

-love yourself louder by developing a solid routine

-eat green foods 

-wear green clothing pieces 

-positive self love affirmations

-partake in activities that make your inner child awaken


Here are some ~heart chakra~ affirmation I speak...

I am love

I allow myself to feel what needs to be felt 

I am grateful for the space that I am in

I am in tuned with my childhood self 

I attract harmonious connections and set healthy boundaries

I am in a constant state of abundance

I feel love all around me


After reading this blog, do you feel that your ~heart chakra~ is underactive, overactive, or balanced? 

Add to the vibezzzz, and share some of your affirmations, green outfits, foods or literally ANYTHING that keeps your heart chakra balanced!

I look forward to this open communication of expression, and love between us

From Lex with Love 



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