Lex's ORANGE Series- The Sacral Chakra

Ahhh the color of creativity, the Sacral Chakra is located below our belly button at the root of our genitals, and the back lower part of our spine. This color represents the creative, sensual, sexual, and emotional energy that lies within us, and can be expressed through a multitude of healthy outlets. 

The Sanskrit for the Sacral Chakra is svadhisthana and is known as the second chakra. 

sva- (self) adhisthana- (dwelling place) together this represents the ~sacral chakra~ meaning of "the dwelling place of oneself" 

HOW does the color ~orange~ correlate to the ~Sacral Chakra~?

The ~sacral chakra~ has 6 petals, and the energy center appears bright orange; while each petal represents a sacred sanskrit sound

Is your Sacral Chakra underactive, overactive or balanced? 

Let's get into it!

Some signs of an underactive sacral chakra are ...

-uninspired, no creativity, fear of intimacy, lack of healthy connections sexually, repressing of emotions, 

Some signs of overactive sacral chakra are...

-addictive behaviors (too much of anything is unhealthy), obsessive behaviors, controlling, emotionally manipulative, emotionally hypersensitive

Some signs of a balanced sacral chakra are...

-risk taking, harmonious exchanges in connections, playful, creativity, free expression, healthy sex drive, self love


WAYS to center your ~sacral chakra~ energy 

-meditate with sacral chakra sounds

-dive into your creative endeavors, WE are ALL creative! Self expression looks different for all of us, this could be something as simple as doing DIY projects, or cooking...anything that makes you feel playful 

-take a bath, light an ORANGE SERIES candle

-eat orange foods 

-wear orange clothing pieces 

-positive self love affirmations


Here are some ~sacral chakra~ affirmation I speak...

I trust my feelings and express myself freely

I am a creative person

I attract like minded individuals to form harmonious connections

I love my mind, body, and soul

My sexuality is sacred

I connect freely with others without losing who I am 


After reading this blog, do you feel that your ~sacral chakra~ is underactive, overactive, or balanced? 

Add to the vibezzzz, and share some of your affirmations, orange outfits, foods or literally ANYTHING that keeps your sacral chakra balanced!

I look forward to this open communication of expression, and love between us

From Lex with Love 



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