Lex's RED Series- The Root Chakra

Ahhhh ~The Root Chakra~the foundation of our energetic existence, where the physical and energetic body meet. This is our first chakra in the 7 layers of energy that lies within us. The ~root chakra~ is located from the hips down (the root of our body). This is the most important chakra because we cannot be in alignment without a solid foundation. 

Red is the color of power and the courage to change. This color represents the ~root chakra~ because when we are in tune with our energy, our lives will forever be changed. Red is symbol of being grounded and being a student of the universe. 

The Sanskrit for the Root Chakra is ~Muladhara~ and is known as the first chakra. 

~Muladhara~ mula- (root) adhara (base) represents the ~root chakra~ meaning of "foundation" 

Is your Root Chakra underactive, overactive or balanced? 

Let's get into it!

Some signs of an underactive root chakra are ...

-sporadic, no sense of direction, run away from commitments, emotionally unstable, anxiety, lack of energy 

Some signs of an overactive root chakra are...

-procrastination, aggressive, overwhelmed, greedy, lustful, over bearing

Some signs of a balanced root chakra are...

-good sense of self, connected to the earth, emotional intelligence, confident, moving in the divine flow of your purpose 


WAYS to center your ~root chakra~ energy 

-meditate with root chakra sounds

-being in nature 

-move around, DANCE 

-yoga, yoga, yoga, yogaaaa! 

-take a bath, light a RED SERIES candle

-eat red foods 

-wear red clothing pieces 

-ground yourself by planting your bare feet on the grass, feeeeel it

-positive self love affirmations


Here are some ~root chakra~ affirmation I speak...

I am a student of the universe and I belong here

I am deeply rooted in my purpose

I am living in a constant state of gratitude 

I feel safe and sound in who I am 

I am a powerful being that gets my light directly from the source


After reading this blog, do you feel that your ~root chakra~ is underactive, overactive, or balanced? 

Add to the vibezzzz, and share some of your affirmations, red outfits, foods or literally ANYTHING that keeps your root chakra balanced!

I look forward to this open communication of expression, and love between us

From Lex with Love 

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