Besides the fact that with each LIT by LEX light, you are feeling the ambiance of a crackling bondfire...these crackling wooden wicks are also more SUSTAINABLE FOR THE EARTH

Cotton wicks are the traditional wick for most candle brands...although cotton is a crop, it is pesticide intensive due to the intense irrigation process. ALSO cotton wicks are alongside a bigger issue in the candle industry of "CORE WICKS," which means that these wicks use a CORE material to maintain the wicks position to stand upright while burning...amongst these popular core wicks are paper, zinc and tin wicks.

LIT BY LEX WOODEN WICKS com from FSC certified forests..."Federal Stewardship Council" ensures that these forests meet the highest environmental standard by ethically being mindful to the off limits land of the indigenous people when felling trees. AND the wicks I use are raw and untreated wood...FOR EVERY 100 DOLLARS I SPEND? ANOTHER TREE IS PLANTED! 


Lit By Lex Candle Co is for the candle lovers who love the earth as well! My candles are toxic free, free of paraffin, with an all NATURAL soy wax blend. I started this candle company because I have always been obsessed with candles and when I did the research on some of my favorite candle brands, most of the mainstream candle companies use cancer causing agents...I made it my mission to create a candle that is non carcinogenic that delivers an aroma to enhance the vibe in any room or setting. 

From Lex with Love